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This report is translated from the original Finnish newspaper Iltalehti.fi. The reporter, Pekka Jolanin reports that Teemu is readying himself for a return to the NHL, but not necessarily to our Ducks.

Selanne has not yet made a final decision in respect of the next season. All, however, indicate very strongly that Teemu’s career will continue for at least a year.
– In front is the biggest decision of my career. I have three options that I can choose from, Selanne said.
Ridge options most likely to have continued in Anaheim. The other two options are to play in another NHL club or career termination.

Play for another NHL team? At least now Bob Murray’s out of the blue comment that, “I’ll do whatever is necessary to sign Teemu” make sense.

This is what happens when people are less than forthright. If Teemu wants to play elsewhere that’s his right and his business. But if Bob Murray hadn’t been gaming the situation, dropping hints at every turn that our Ducks are heading in a different direction, we could have had a clean break.

Yes, I have confirmed the story. It’s the first time since our Ducks Cup win that Teemu has stated publicly that he might sign to play elsewhere. The Winnipeg Jets would welcome him back but they have even less cap room than our Ducks do.

I’m told that Teemu plans on meeting with Coach Boudreau and GM Bob Murray upon his return to SoCal. He will be looking for a commitment that will include top six minutes, 19-21 minutes per game and 1st unit PP time. If he doesn’t get that he will look to going to Winnipeg or elsewhere.

It’s all well and good that Teemu will meet with the Coach and the GM but what about the Captain and his sidekick? They want Penner. What happens in the room if Teemu pushes Pancake down the depth chart? Do The Twins still get Flash the puck? This is the junk that can happen when ownership gets between management and the players.

Now regardless of what happens, Teemu Selanne’s status is needlessly very messy. It’s certainly no way to run a railroad. At least not if you want the trains arriving and departing on time.

Does anyone really think that if Bob Murray wanted Teemu back that he wouldn’t have kept more cap room available? And if Flash returns at this point the possible outcomes are negative. (1) He risks losing his top six TOI to one of Emerson Etem, Kyle Palmieri and/or Dustin Penner or (2) He wins or is given a top six job and his presence inhibits the development of Etem or Palmieri.

The lure of one last Olympic tournament is compelling. Ducks fans will recall that Scot Niedermayer played at least one additional year primarily so that he could compete in the 2010 Olympics.

This is the disastrous example of what can happen when ownership over rides management. When Nieds was talked out of retiring at the then unheard of, take your time deciding plan, so what if we have to remake the team to accommodate his return, we will and we did.

And here we are again with Teemu Selanne holding up the team from moving forward.

Gordie Howe, Wayne Gretzky and many others have noted that nobody is bigger than the game or the team. Henry Samueli has changed that dynamic.

  1. erikwoods3 says:

    Reblogged this on Anaheim Ducks Talk and commented:
    Some insight from a fellow blogger regarding Teemu’s decision to play next season.

  2. bbdux93 says:

    What am I missing – Where did you get the idea that ownership got in the middle of this thing w/Teemu? If it’s from an inside source – how sure can anyone be that Mr & Mrs S are in some way responsible for Teemu’s uncertian future?

    • bc says:

      I didn’t write that ownership has intervened in Teemu’s decision. The current situation is a hangover from the mishandling of Scot Niedermayer’s retirement.

      And now five years after those fateful decisions, just as we are about to reap some pay off from the Pronger and Moen trades, Teemu may seek a commitment from the team that stunts the development of those young assets. Primarily, Palmieri and Etem.

      Like I said, this is no way to run a railroad.

  3. bbdux93 says:

    I guess I just find it hard to make that connection.

  4. czhokej says:

    How many more goals does Teemu have in him. When we look at some remarkable NHL scorers, we could see some declining productivity starting around age of 36 (on average) due to a variety of factors (injuries, fatigue, illnesses, diminishing skills and agility etc. Of course there are some exceptions:
    Gtretzky’s stats went down from the age of 33, for Howe it was after 40, Hull 39, Dionne 34, Esposito 38, Gartner 40, Messier 36, Yzerman 35, Lemieux 33, Jagr 34, Robitaille 35, Shanahan 37, and for Teemu it was age of 40.

  5. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    You guys are aware of how highly I regard Teemu and how important I feel he has and can continue to be to our Ducks. Teemu has had a very successful career and he will continue to receive accolades. I would like to think that he would retire as a Duck or accept a lesser role with the Club (as a player or in the organization). If he does sign with another team I will be extremely disappointed…if he receives these wants and resigns, I will be upset with management and Teemu for not seeing the forest from the tress.

    I hope he accepts a lesser role and enjoys his final year…he has accomplished much and has nothing left to prove.

    Bottom line as BC pointed out, whatever happens it needs to be in the best interest of the team…

    • bc says:

      Yes and no U. What is different this time is that Teemu doesn’t seem willing to take that lesser role if that’s what the team asks of him. So much so he may be willing to move on to another team that will. So much for putting our Ducks first. Imagine if he comes back, doesn’t quite cut it as a top six ES and 1st unit PP? What then? Does he accept a lesser role for the team? If not, is Teemu moved at the trade deadline to give the young guys the opportunity they would have earned? Everybody experiences it. We all, if we live long enough, go thorugh what Teemu and our Ducks face now. For a hockey legend like Teemu Selanne it usually happens with diminished TOI and role. As it did last season. Then you try and stay with it until the Coach calls you in or worse, let’s you find it on your own when you’re listed as a healthy scratch on the game roster. For many guys the first call is to the wife. You tell her she doesn’t have to come to the rink or watch the game on tv. You tell her the guys won’t let you. The real message is that they don’t need you anymore.

      This is what I hope Teemu doesn’t experience first hand. I hope you appreciate it isn’t because I’ve lost any respect, admiration or affection for the Finnish flash.

      • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

        BC, I didn’t think that at all…I just hope he is wise enough to accept a smaller role and embraces the idea “that a 40+ year old is still playing at this level regardless of how big his role is”…he is playing against 18 years olds…he should not expect more…it is natural progression.

        I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens after his meeting with Gabby and Management.

  6. bc says:

    Okay U, I’ll take 2 in the sin bin for inferring what U didn’t imply. Just reread your post and man yeah I got that way wrong, sorry. BTW, we’re gone for the weekend. Have fun everyone!

  7. czhokej says:

    Whenever Teemu scored in the Ducks’ uniform, it was a double pleasure for me. He was always my favorite player. We cannot make this decision for him, even though I would like him to retire (as bb said it nicely a few day ago). To see a shadow of Teemu Selanne on the ice, or to see him in a different jersey, it would pain me.

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