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During the month of August we’ll pin this Flash Watch to the top story placement. Check here for updates on Teemu’s status.

Update: Pin removed because Teemu announced that he’ll make his decision known during the week of August 26, 2013.

Via Helene Elliot, L.A. Times

Nothing new so much as Elliot reports that Teemu will meet with Coach Boudreau and the GM next week before announcing his decision. Bob Murray confirmed via email that he and Flash have talked “a couple of times” in the past week.

Via OC Register – no link

According to a report by Eric “Ice” Stephens, Teemu has yet to meet with Coach Boudreau regarding his role next season. Stephens tweeted however, that his role is key to Teemu’s decision.
No mention of Teemu playing elsewhere. Stephens seems to think it’s Ducks or retire with Teemu leaning toward returning to our Ducks. I’m not convinced.

Curtis Zupke of NHL.com and the Pucks of a Feather blog published the comments Teemu made to Ice:

“My point is, if they’re (Ducks Young Guns) better than I am, I am expecting and accepting a smaller role, But if I’m better, I need to play more. I need to play top minutes. That’s what I’m looking for.”

Ed: If Teemu earns a top six minutes he should play top six minutes. IF he doesn’t he will have to accept a lesser role.

“That’s fair for everybody. To be honest, I’ve been playing a big role. I don’t know if I’m ready to play 10-12 minutes a game. And that’s what I want to make sure. If I play well, I get what I deserve.”

“Sometimes it’s not like that. So I want to make sure I’m treated the way I deserve.”

This sets up the possibility of a situation none of us want to witness. It is the sad and ugly situation where the Coach and Teemu disagree on what role he’s earned. What then?

Teemu wasn’t exactly thrilled last season when his minutes were reduced. How he accepted the reduced role was an issue. Coach had to give extra thought about telling Teemu to take days off. BB even asked rhetorically, “Do you want to be the one to tell Teemu Selanne not to lace ’em up?”

Selanne will join a long list of players who had to be shot to get them off the ice when it was time. I was hoping Flash would spare us that, but I get why he can’t.

This blog is my connection to the game. I’ve been doing this and/or Sports Radio on one platform or another for nearly 20 consecutive years now. I played until I couldn’t. I coached until I could no longer demonstrate properly.  So now I blog.

Fact is, you’re never really done until you say you’re done or you die.

Via Hockey Writers Kirk Vance

Could Teemu Selanne’s return the Ducks? Gutsy post for a relatively new Ducks blog.

Ed.: The answer of course is maybe. If Teemu has another 25+goal 50+ point season in him then no, his return won’t hurt our Ducks. The thing with a player like Teemu though is, if he’s not scoring, he’s not helping.
Each of Teemu’s competitors have questions. Can Penner bounce back alongside his buds? Are two of the kids, Palmieri, Etem or Silfverberg ready for top six roles? Coach wants to see Beleskey earn a bigger role this season.
This blog asked the question, “Is there room for Teemu on the roster?” Man, asking if Selanne’s return could hurt the Ducks is a splash of cold water on a Monday morning face.

Via Dark Knight Twitter feed:

MT @aportzline: GM Kekalainen said he has NOT reached out to good friend/fellow Finn Teemu Selanne. For Selanne, it’s Ducks or retirement.

Ed.: Dark Knight is better than google news alerts.

Anaheim is still one of the locations rumored for Damien Brunner (Spector, SH) http://ow.ly/nX9vc 

If you read German the article on Brunner and Ducks speculation can be found here http://ow.ly/nX9RZ 

Ed.: Is the Brunner chatter leverage to get Teemu to take less money or just a coincidence?

Via justducky89 Tweet:

@justducky89: Selanne Meets with GM, Bob Murray #Ducks #Teemu #OCRegister pic.twitter.com/a75tUxxBT5

Ed.: According to the OCR Teemu met with Murray but has yet to meet with Gabby. He has not committed to playing next season.

Via LA Times Helene Elliot Tweet:

Teemu Selanne still deciding hockey future. He’s expected back in SoCal within next 10 days or so, to get his kids ready for school.

Ed.: Expect Teemu to meet with Gabby and Murph in that order. Even if he should talk to Murray first don’t expect him to make a commitment without discussing his TOI and role with the coach first.

  1. bbdux93 says:

    I’ll try this again – previous post – did not

  2. bbdux93 says:

    My take on the Teemu situation.
    It may be that Teemu is playing hard ball with Murray to get more $$ than may have been offered – why else the comment by M. that T would be welcomed back if he was 100% committed…

    Teemu may be setting up BB for increased TOI, but that could be a problem. He will need to compete with younger faster players for TOI who could make his age dimissed abilities more obvious.

    Sirpa may be our best hope – one way or the other.
    She may not want to move the kids to a new community – new friends & new schools, who knows how they might adjust – or not. OTOH She will probably support whatever decision he makes.
    Some years back it was reported she wanted Teemu to retire.
    Which way is she leaning now?

    Pride – his wanting to show he’s still a great player . Does he really think he needs to convince any of us – no, Murray – maybe. How would his departure from the Ducks be viewed by the hockey community… it could dimish his image. OTOH – it doesn’t seem to have had a negative impact on Jagr – but his situation is very different.

    The Olympics – ??? He could decide to play for a Finnish team and then for Finland – what a sweet way to end an amazing career.

    • bc says:

      …and BB is the guy who benched Alex Ovechkin. Teemu will have to earn his TOI and PP role.

      This blog reported Sirpa ready to have Teemu retire a couple of years ago. As I recall it was public comment she made at a dinner.

      As to his reasons bb, I’m a tad concerned he’s more motivated by the Olympics than he is our Ducks. That would probably change if our guys went on a deep playoff run, but still…the notion of even maybe putting our Ducks second or using our Ducks as a springboard to something else bothers me. He needs NHL competition to stay sharp for the Olympics.

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