Flash Returns for Final Season!

Posted: 09/03/2013 by yougetoutwhatyouputin in Uncategorized

Teemu Selanne, 43, has decided to play one last season, marking his 21st year in the league. The Orange County Register reports, Selanne signed a one-year, $2 million deal (significant pay cut). He announced his decision to play one more year via a YouTube video…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRkcl_RHwoc

“I think it’s good for people to know it will be the last one. I haven’t said that officially before, and it will be easier for me to take advantage of every day and enjoy. I think it’s good for everybody, my family too. They’ve asked questions over the years, and now it’s a very clear situation.”

So what does this mean to our Ducks (Selanne’s comments briefly reviewed)?

Selanne has had numerous meetings with management about his role and it helped him make his decision…

“I had a good meeting with Bruce and I’m very happy with how it turned out. He was very open. I wanted to know how I would fit in his roster, and he said he was expecting a lot from me. Those were good things, and that was the final thing I wanted to hear.”

I am just glad that we didn’t lose Bobby and Teemu in the same season! It would have been a huge disappointment to see Teemu go to another team…we need to retire his number.

“I never want to get any promises, because I know a coach can’t really do that. We have a great group of young guys coming. It’s a good competition here right now, and everyone has to earn the ice time and the power play. I know I can do it. I just need to be on the same page with the coach, and that’s what happened. I’m very happy about it.”

He understands that his ice time will need to be earned. BB will make sure of that as he has benched Ovi numerous times in Washington.

“I didn’t really want to sit out for a game (last season), but I realized afterward it’s going to be pretty good for me. We’ll sit down where the schedule is really hectic, and maybe I can take some nights off. Last year it was almost impossible to get the recovery you needed.”

His expectations seem reasonable.

“I have high expectations about myself. I haven’t had any numbers, but I know how well I can play. I don’t think anybody can have more expectations for me than me. I want to be a big part of it, otherwise I wouldn’t have even considered to keep playing. Hopefully the biggest thing for me is staying healthy. That will give me the chance to succeed.”

“There is no handbook about how you’re going to feel when you retire. I’ve never gotten the feeling that I’m done and this is enough. I’m just waiting for my body and my mind to say, ‘I’m done.”

“I’ve been able to enjoy this game so much that even on the tough nights and days, I still enjoy it. It’s going to end somewhere, and I decided now for my family and everybody that it’s going to be my last season. That’s fair for everybody. But I haven’t yet had a moment where I felt, ‘This is it.”

Win or lose Selanne retires…at least in the NHL 

  1. bc says:

    Nice post yougetwhatyouputin. Read somewhere that he has a NMC as well. Not only does he retire in the NHL. Teemu retires as an Anaheim Duck.
    With a vet of Selanne’s stature one of the younger guys will have to take Teemu’s job. Flash will likely start with top six TOI. Things to remember though is that TOI tends to be less under Gabby who prefers to roll four lines. Also Teemu will take an occasional game off. This is when Palmieri, Etem and Silfverberg will get their chances.
    Jeez though U, our Ducks are crowed up top. We’re 5-6 quality hockey players deep at every forward position. It’s a great problem to have. It’ll be interesting to see how Gabby marshals his assets.

  2. czhokej says:

    We cannot expect Teemu to be better than last year. He will be tired and aching. And our veterans cannot carry the team. My hopes are with the younger guys and newcomers. And unfortunately I do not expect too much from Getzlaf and, sorry to say, from Perry.

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