Dustin Penner gets his divorce

Posted: 09/17/2013 by bc in Uncategorized
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Dustin Penner, posting in a Tweet that a TMZ story “isn’t entirely accurate but you guys have your fun.” We decided, okay let’s have some fun.

According to the TMZ report, culled from this story in the International Business Times, actress Jessica Welch is one player away from scoring a hockey marriage hat- trick.

The former Mrs. Richard Zednik and newly x-Mrs. Dustin Penner is now UFA after an L.A. County court Judge granted Pancake’s motion for dissolution.

If you check out her photo-gallery, scoring again shouldn’t be an issue for her. The only question is who will be making her next future alimony payment. In most divorces, spousal support ends on remarriage. Who will give Pancake the same assist he gave Richard Zednik?

This is hockey. Someone has to step up and take one for the team.

Jessica petitioned for the dissolution back in February of 2012 and the couple had a Marriage Settlement Agreement in place. The system, meaning lawyers and the court, were obviously slow to process a done deal. Penner found the way to get them all to pick up their respective games a notch.

The motion was granted September 9.

  1. bbdux93 says:

    I could use the rather profane comment about how some men think – let’s just say it doesn’t always have much to do with a women’s character or history

    • bc says:

      Being a man, I plead guilty bb. Fact is, all of us are at least motivated by it, even if we don’t actually think with it. Just part of being human. I do apologize if you found my locker room humor offensive.

      • bbdux93 says:

        🙂 I did Not find your locker room humor offensive at all. IMO you are always aware of your audience and your comments reflect that.

      • bc says:

        Good, cuz I wasn’t sorry enough to take the post down 😉 Just linked it on @wyshinski (Puck Daddy) Twitter account. Stuff like that hopefully grows the blog.

  2. czhokej says:

    I looked up pictures of Jessica Welch on Google.
    I must say that many of these top rich athletes attract pretty women. Do you think bb that these girls are enticed by the intelligence and brain size of those men?

    • bbdux93 says:

      LOL – No, I’d say $$$ is what attracts them most.

      • bc says:

        Women have always been attracted to good providers. And mankind has been progressing ever since a gal said,”Honey, can you get us a cave with a backyard and a view.”

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