Post Game Quick Hit: Ducks 6 Coyotes 2

Posted: 09/17/2013 by bc in Uncategorized
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The first game of the pre-season produced three noteworthy results. In order of importance going forward those are:

1. Selanne/Silfverberg are developing great chemistry. Via Adam Brady,

“You can see right away, he can see the game so well,” Selanne said. “So if you get open, the puck is going to come. Same with him. He has a great shot, and we tried to feed each other. Every day is a process.”
Added Silfverberg, “We’ve been practicing for about a week. Teemu is very easy to play with. He’s such a skilled guy. He’s good at finding open spots, he’s good with the puck, and good at giving goals. [It’s] a lot of fun playing with him.”

2. Scoring from the backline. Sami Vatanen scored. UFA pickup Nolan Yonkman netted a short- hander.

3. Last but not least, two vets tempered any irrational exuberance following the easy win. Teemu said, “All the guys worked hard but we don’t get too high about this.” Andrew “IronMan” Cogliano reminded everyone, “”It’s still preseason and the first game.”

Taking our cue from the vets, we merely note with one eyebrow raised that our guys started the game fast, potting 3 goals on their first 3 shots. But we won’t read anything in it.

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