Pancake Bowl: Kings scored Ducks didn’t

Posted: 09/18/2013 by bc in Uncategorized

The score is irrelevant. What is relevant is two takeaways from the game:

First, our Ducks took 5 minor penalties in the first period. The tells are that one, a double-minor to Cam Fowler for high sticking is just sloppy; the others two trips and an interference are those beat on the play type penalties. The latter are the result of not working.

As to not working, the quotes from the game story tell it all.

Via Adam Brady,

“We had a lot of young guys in the lineup tonight,” said Ducks head coach Bruce Boudreau. “You create bad habits by not working. You ask the L.A. Kings in their game against Phoenix, the same team we beat. None of them did anything. Tonight, they came out and worked and showed what their true colors are. It’s going to be the same situation with us. We’ve had some guys who haven’t worked very hard in training. They need to get back to the grindstone and start working.”

“They played fairly well, and we played fairly poor,” said Penner, who spent the past two seasons in LA. “It’s preseason, and it’s a lot of guys’ first game. But with that being said, it’s not an excuse. It’s a matter of fact. There were a lot of things we could’ve done more efficiently.  Number one is compete. They had too many easy shots, and made it too hard on our goalies to make saves.” (Emphasis added)

Even Viktor Fasth admitted he only “kind of got into it in the second period.”

“The first period felt like the first period of the year,” Fasth said. “I kind of got into it in the second [period], but there were two other goals I should’ve [stopped]. If I did that, it would be a one-goal game heading into the third. I’m just going to work harder and get ready for the next game.”

No editorial necessary. Guess I’ll eat some crow for this Tweet:

Paraphrasing Lee Woodruff: Kings are like 1st pancakes, the ones you burn and throw out #PancakeBowl


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