PostGame: Quick hits

Posted: 09/24/2013 by bc in Uncategorized
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Ducks dominated the first and faded in the second and third. You can credit Quick for stealing one. You can also blame our Ducks for failing to finish on numerous scoring opportunities. As usual the truth is a little bit of both but I lean toward the latter. One goal is just not enough to win most games.

Both goalies appear well adapted to the smaller nets.

Getzlaf went 12-8 on FO’s. Rakell finished 7-7 after starting the game 2-6. Bonino went a woeful 6-17; Winnick 3-5. Getz did benefit by having Flash on RW, who is quick to the puck on draws.

Penner had a couple-few good moments but was otherwise invisible out there. He might be miscast at LW. He had two great years stat wise in Edmonton, playing mostly center.

Ben Lovejoy earned a 3-year contract based on his performance in the shortened season. Tonight he looked like the guy the Penguins gave up on and with good reason. Kings isolated on him and took full advantage.

Cam Fowler had a couple of chances but seemed to shooting into Quick. He did this last season as well. Cam just isn’t finding the twine yet. Most natural goal scorers see net and hit the spot.

After building a 3-1 preseason record, our Ducks have lost 2 in a row and can only limp into the season with a mediocre 4-3 or 3-4 record. To paraphrase the Righteous Bros., our Ducks have lost that winning feeling, now it’s gone, gone, gone. They can earn it back but it’s uphill now.


  1. czhokej says:

    We looked better in the first period because of PKs. But I was not impressed by our game. Getzlaf had 2 or three good moments, Penner was, as you said, mostly invisible, and the same applies to Winnick and Bonino. Teemu still has the speed, but he cannot hold on the puck. However, there was one positive thing – Fowler is getting stronger and he played more physical game.

    • bc says:

      Cam is becoming a man right before our eyes. You read my mind on Teemu, cz. Of course because he’s 43 the first question you ask how are the legs and hands. The extremities are generally the first to go. We discussed this last season. He did shank some stellar opportunities. I wasn’t going to mention him specifically because one game is too small of a sample. If you can’t pot a goal at least once every 12 periods of hockey (20 goal season) your not earning top six TOI in my book.

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