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It’s being described in various places as a bio-pic and documentary. Whatever it is, director Juuka Pekka-Siili’s film, Sel8nne, entirely in Finnish is being released in Finland on Friday the 27th.

It isn’t likely Teemu will get time during the season to redo his part in English. We’ll take any accurate English version thank you.

Here’s a look at the trailer with English subtitles.

“I have been asked a couple of years now about doing this film, but until now I have answered that I don’t have the time for this kind of project and I’m not sure I want to part of a project this magnitude,” Selanne told Finnish website last year. “But the [Jari Litmanen, a Finnish soccer legend] documentary gave me courage that maybe I could do a movie, too.”

“As a hockey fan, I want to see a lot of great goals and passes, too” (director) Siili said. “But I’m interested in the anatomy of the superstar, to go under the skin with the viewer. To show who Teemu really is as a person, how he became what he is today, what experiences he’s had with wins and losses, sacrifices and learning experiences and what will he take from all this after his career.”

Quotes via Alan Muir,

  1. czhokej says:

    I would definitely go to see it. Teemu was amazing hockey player, and watching his amazing accomplishments on the ice would be very exciting. But he is also an interesting human being, and we do not know too much about him. That itself would be a fascinating eye-opening experience. In Finland he is revered like a God.

    • bc says:

      Oh man cz, wouldn’t it be great to have a closer look at Teemu. One interesting Q to ask people is, if not …., what would you have done with your life. Flash may have become a teacher. Not sure he would have patience with slower learners but he would adapt and learn. Apparently, he is a successful entrepreneur away from the rink. Not sure if that’s him, Sirpa, choosing their advisers well or all three. From afar, his discipline is what impresses me most. Passion is pretty easy to understand. We’re all passionate about something, even serial killers. Jeez, all those double cheeseburgers he passed up. Dragging himself to the gym or outside for dry land workouts. Also very interested in hearing from Sirpa. She must be one incredible organizer, juggler and partner. It also always amazes me when people dismiss the challenges faced by successful people with, “he’s well paid for it.” As if money were the only reason we do what we do.

      The best personal advice I ever received came from my Dad and is worth sharing. He said, “I never considered the money when opportunities came my way. I considered if it was worthwhile doing and if I could be of some use.” Teemu has been pretty useful to every team he’s played on.

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