bc is just a fan who setup this site because other hockey fans/bloggers encouraged him. Maybe they just wanted him off their sites. Nice way of saying take off, eh?

I’m no expert and don’t claim to be some oracle of hockey or college of hockey knowledge. What I hope to do is provide fans with a reality check on the hype and spin so prevalent in hockey coverage.

We try to keep the rules to a minimum so there are only three:
(i) No cussing but be creative as you can with effen, freakin’ frackin’ F-bomb  b-word etc. This blog has a ‘G’ rating and we intend to keep it. You’ll often see effen or F-bomb inserted when Gabby is quoted. Academicians use “expletive deleted.” We determined expletive deleted violates Rule (iii) but you’re welcome to use expletive deleted as well.
(ii) If you disagree with something attack the post not the poster.  We hate cheap shots off the ice. No self-aggrandizing “have you ever played the game” stuff is not tolerated here. Hit hard, hit clean and trust that we have your back.
(iii) Have fun. Retired Hockey Mom says, “If it ain’t fun or it doesn’t pay a lot of money, it ain’t worth doing.”

Note: All posts are subject to editing or removal if deemed to be baiting or instigating, flaming, slamming, patronizing, indecipherable and/or nonsensical. The drop down email has never worked. Please email bthrasher@backchecksblog.com to send a private message.

Protocols include:

Retired Hockey Mom is referred to occasionally. If she ever posts though, somebody is sent to the sin bin.

WordPress protocols require you to register before you can post. Your first post has to be approved, after that your posts go up automatically.

Our goal is to make sure that every post is answered. Not necessarily by me but will be if there is no other response. Some posts are rhetorical statements and we try to recognize and respect that as well. Who loves ya?

Get over the boards and have some fun….

  1. buick22 says:

    I have also been invited to start my own blog, (he said he was kidding?) but I am neither as hockey savvy as you, nor do I have that kind of time, or skills. I was also informed nobody wanted to listen to my negative rants, so now I try to spread it around….I support our team, but have decided this year that may be much tougher than the last…so, glad you have a place, I may visit often.

    • BackCheck says:

      hey buick22 aka daewoodave

      Sent you an email.

      Sounds like cars. You know Bud, maybe full time blogging isn’t for you. but maybe now or then you’ve got 500 or more words in you on a topic. Go ahead and email it to me. I’ll be happy to post it up as a guest blog.

      No pressure. no deadlines. And no pay, lol.

      Positive and negative are just flavors to me. I don’t care what your opinion is, so long as you have one.

      If the most you do is visit often. Toss up a reply. I’m thrilled and grateful.

      All the best, backcheck

  2. Very cool blog you’ve got here. I’ve put you on my Sites I like page on my blog. I’ve subscribed and will check back often.


  3. brief22 says:


    I really like your blog. I am putting you on the “Other Great Blogs” section of my blog, Sam’s Sports Brief. sambrief.com I would really appreciate it if you could check it out.

    Keep up the good work!


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