In Ducks news…

There’s a back story to the “Bobby Ryan: Move me” that we can finally share. Essentially this blog has it right. The B Market Bozo of a reporter, Randy Miller at the Camden, NJ based Courier Post, took what Bobby said totally out of context. A source close to Ryan has told this blog that Bobby has met with Bob Murray and the our GM gets that the reporter absolutely embellished and misrepresented what Bobby told him.
After his exit interview with Coach Boudreau, Bobby told everybody he was excited that Coach intends to build around a line around him. Asking rhetorically, “Can you imagine how good I’m going to be after a full year under this guy?”  Does this sound to you like a guy who asked for a trade? So what does Murray do about all the offers he’s getting for Ryan or Getzlaf? He listens…to be continued.

In the meantime maybe Herb Guy and/or Don Meehan issues a letter explaining how fiduciary duties between  reporters and their sources are created and spell out how this B Market Bozo writing for Make Believe news violated a trust.


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