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Update: Following Ducks 3-2 come from behind OT win over the San Jose Sharks last night. Our Ducks are now 3-1 in the exhibition season. Two of the wins have been come from behind and one in OT. The team is establishing the habit and expectation of winning, ability to come through in the clutch and a no quit attitude.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – In A look at some intangibles published on 9/15, the post concluded with questions, including will the team come together. Yesterday, Coach Boudreau reported that he’s liking what he sees:

“There are always things you’d like to see better, but I think what we’re seeing are the signs of a team coming together.” (Emphasis added)

Team chemistry consists of two parts. There is the tactical chemistry of a well executed system and team assembled into smaller specialized units of complementary and offsetting skill sets. Additionally, there is chemistry that rises from camaraderie and bonding born of a group individuals  working to earn the respect of each other while passionately putting team first.

What Coach is saying is that the former, tactical chemistry or execution can be improved but overall the team is bonding and meshing nicely at this stage of camp.

It would be easy to write Gabby’s comment off if not for the supporting factual evidence. Coach gave nine vets the day off yesterday and to a man they took to the ice and practiced hard. Too soon for these guys to take Princess, er maintenance days.

Exemplified by John Gibson looking to redeem himself after a poor performance against the L.A. Kings, our Ducks gutted and ground out a 2-1 come from behind win against the Avs. Our guys didn’t make it easy on themselves as no Duck was even as high 50% on draws. Rickard Rakell was a woeful 5-10.

Francois Beauchemin is taking full contact in practice. You think he might ear the respect of his teammates taking full contact 4.5 months following reconstructive knee surgery?

Coach likes what he sees and the factual evidence supports him. Go Ducks!

The quote above comes to us via Adam Brady of


Following Penner’s signing, OCR beat writer Eric ‘Ice” Stephens tweeted that “friend and ex-teammate Ryan Getzlaf  pushed for return.”

It isn’t unusual that the captain of the team, making more than $8m per year would have a little juice inside the org. What happened next though is the stuff of intrigue.

Bob Murray took the liberty of speaking for coach Bruce Boudreau on how Penner will be used. L.A. Times reporter Lance Pugmire reported:

Ducks General Manager Bob Murray said he and Coach Bruce Boudreau “really hope” Penner can join Getzlaf and Perry and provide “stabilization” to what has been a revolving door.

“It would sure make things easier for us,” Murray said.

It could well be that Bob Murray is accurately relating the sentiments of his head Coach. Call me skeptical. If so though, it contrasts with everything Gabby has told us about how he organizes his forward lines. Like many others, Gabby relies on set twosomes and moves a third guy on and off a line. Granted most often, a coach will adapt his philosophy according to the roster.

IF, Ducks GM Bob Murray isn’t accurately reflecting the sentiments of his coach, which I suspect is the case, it can only indicate one thing. The Captain is using the GM to send a cryptic message to the Coach. Getzlaf isn’t just “pushing for Penner.” Getz is trying to influence where Penner will fit on the team.

We’re not talking any coach here. While many a coach has a tough guy rep, Bruce Boudreau has the gravitas to bench a two-time Hart Trophy winner. Gabby also reduced face of the franchise Teemu Selanne’s TOI down the stretch and in the playoffs.

It’s one thing to talk tough. Living it is quite another.

Ducks commitment to Ryan Getzlaf is for eight years. The commitment to Bruce Boudreau is two years. Should push come to shove, the org is invested in Getzlaf. And he (Getz) knows it.

On the other hand, Bruce Boudreau has been active in hockey longer than Ryan Getzlaf has been alive. Getz doesn’t have a move that Gabby hasn’t seen or tried himself.

With Getzlaf expanding and exercising his newly found juice, the Ducks room just got a lot more interesting.

Take the lame duck tag off Gabby as GM Bob Murray continues to line up his ducks for next season. Ducks have announced that Coach Boudreau’s contract has been extended through the 2014-15 season.
“Since joining the organization last November, Bruce has done an outstanding job with the team,” said executive vice president and General Manager Bob Murray, who brought in Boudreau when he fired Randy Carlyle on November 30th. “He’s committed to us and determined to lead us back to the playoffs.”
Boudreau was originally under contract with Anaheim through the 2012-13 season.
“It’s always great that the General Manager and ownership have that much faith in you, and it’s my job to justify it,” Boudreau said via the team’s Twitter account.
Boudreau led the Ducks to a 27-23-8 record in 58 games after taking over for Carlyle, including a 24-15-6 mark after January 1st that ranked fifth in the Western Conference.
“I think this team has just started going where we want to go,” Boudreau said. “We competed with all the teams that are in the playoffs now.”

The Ducks raised the hopes of all fans with an improbable 17-3-3 run to start the new year. The incredible streak came after Bob Murray announced his only untouchables were Teemu Selanne and Saku Koivu. The team went 3-6-1 after they got past the trade deadline.
Gabby has some passengers in this boat. Not everybody is grabbing an oar and rowing in the same direction. His first challenge will be to get the slackers to buy in to the program. If not, expect Bob Murray to be busy at the 2013 trade deadline.

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Gabby called last night’s game in Vancouver a measuring stick for how far the team had come in two weeks. So let’s do just that… (more…)

In a word, fearless.
The System: Gabby’s Ducks will play a puck possession game. We will see more plays at the opposition blue line as opposed to the chip and chase. North/South hockey is back. In execution Coach Boudreau is much closer to the brand of hockey Brian Burke talks about than is Randy Carlyle.This doesn’t mean the grind and cycle game is out. It means our Ducks will set it up differently. Look for the chip along the boards and into the corner to become a 3rd – 4th option rather than the first. (more…)