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It’s being described in various places as a bio-pic and documentary. Whatever it is, director Juuka Pekka-Siili’s film, Sel8nne, entirely in Finnish is being released in Finland on Friday the 27th.

It isn’t likely Teemu will get time during the season to redo his part in English. We’ll take any accurate English version thank you.

Here’s a look at the trailer with English subtitles.

“I have been asked a couple of years now about doing this film, but until now I have answered that I don’t have the time for this kind of project and I’m not sure I want to part of a project this magnitude,” Selanne told Finnish website last year. “But the [Jari Litmanen, a Finnish soccer legend] documentary gave me courage that maybe I could do a movie, too.”

“As a hockey fan, I want to see a lot of great goals and passes, too” (director) Siili said. “But I’m interested in the anatomy of the superstar, to go under the skin with the viewer. To show who Teemu really is as a person, how he became what he is today, what experiences he’s had with wins and losses, sacrifices and learning experiences and what will he take from all this after his career.”

Quotes via Alan Muir,


Via Eric Duhatscheck, Toronto Globe & Mail:

For Ducks forward Teemu Selanne, it just makes sense for Perry to stay on, if they can get the dollars to work.

“A lot of times, when you find someone to play with, who has so much chemistry like Getzy and Perry, for me, it would be crazy to go anywhere else when you have almost everything you need here,” Selanne said.

“You have a franchise which really wants to win, and which treats a player so well. You have an unbelievable player to play with. So I can’t see why this place wouldn’t be a happy place for both of them for a long time, but that’s not [up to] me.It’s up to them. But I’d love to see Corey Perry do the same thing.”

When you factor in quality of life away from the rink, Corey Perry could do a whole lot worse than Anaheim.


One Ducks streak ends at six straight wins but two other steaks remain alive. Our Ducks extend their points in consecutive games streak to seven.  There doesn’t seem to be any threat to the consecutive ugly games played streak.

One way to view this game is that maybe the law of averages caught up with us a bit.  Our Ducks did come from behind to earn a point. We didn’t capitalize on our opportunities to take a point.

Credit the Blackhawks. It was their night to step up and take a point. Victor Stalberg was the guy who stepped up and finished the play in OT.

Hey Brian Burke, how do you like that Kris Versteeg (15 games 2 goals 7 assists 13 PIMS) for Victor Stalberg (20 games 6 goals 4 assists 10 PIMS) tonight? Still okay with it? How ’bout when factor in Stalberg’s $850K contract vs. Versteeg’s $3 million cap hit?

In the PreGame PostUp I noted we had to stay out of the box against the NHL’s 3rd best PP. We gave up 2 PP goals tonight. (more…)

Unlike our California rivals, Hollywood Hosers and San Jose Guppies, Blackhawks and Ducks fans have some shared experiences. Each team lost in the WCF before winning the Cup in the following season. Fans of both teams see how difficult it is in the cap age to keep a Stanley Cup team together.

Following a cap imposed summer makeover, the Blackhawks are showing a tendency Ducks fans know all too well, a huge disparity in home and away records.

Chicago is 4-7-0, losers of four straight at home and 4-2-2 on the road. The ‘hawks have lost 3 straight and are a dismal 1-5 in November.

Our Ducks might have the Hawks exactly where they want them even before the puck drops. Blackhawks are coming off the road and playing their second game in two nights at home.

Our Ducks are fresh after designating Saturday as travel day at the start of 3 games in four days. At least the first day of the tour our Ducks should be rested. Afterward Ducks head southwest 970 miles for a meetup with Stars who have a score to settle before flying 970 miles due north to go against the Minnesota Wild. Toss in the 2,000 miles between Anaheim and Chicago and this one brutal road trip.

How daunting is it when the current Stanley Cup champions are the soft spot in the schedule? (more…)

Note: Indulge a long set up and intro. This piece does address the headline, eventually and hopefully thoroughly;

Eric Stephens of the OCR has a well worth reading blog about resiliency. Check out this ADHN video and compare Carlyle’s answers to the same question.

With Ice, Elmer is hedging his bet. On the video he’s adamant.

Randy Carlyle’s supporters just don’t get why so many of us find him confusing. Jeez coach, where the heck is that resiliency widget? Do they have it? Or is it outside, in the parking lot maybe?

During recent games… (more…)

Penguins and our Ducks are each 5-4-1 in their last 10 games.

Ducks make their 5th attempt this season to win 2 games in a row. Our Ducks have won consecutive periods three times this season though. The 2nd & 3rd of the Vancouver game, 2nd & 3rd against Dallas. Most importantly, after beating San Jose 2-0 in the 3rd period of the 5-2 loss, our Ducks showed some carryover by edging Tampa Bay 1-0 in the 1st period last night.

After a disastrous 0-3 start our Ducks season has been marred by speed bumps. Our guys have won one lost one 3 consecutive times. Followed by a won one lost two prior to last nights win.

The Penguins have been either hot cold. Four of their six wins came in a consecutive game win streak while they’ve lost two straight twice. The Pens are currently 1-4 in their last 5 games. (more…)

or should this be headlined Ducks seeing Stars? Dallas has no reported injuries.

Still about 6 games too soon to toss in a meaningful stat pack but it isn’t too early to look at Who’s Hot and Who’s Not. (more…)