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Per CapGeek, six teams, Detroit, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, San Jose and Los Angeles are currently over the cap. These teams have to move salary before the start of the season. This reality doesn’t necessarily mean a trade but a salary dump trade is one way to get cap compliant.

Five more teams are uncomfortably close to the cap limit such that moving players in and out of the lineup will pose problems. Washington, St. Louis and Toronto have less than $1m of cap space; Carolina $1,046m and New Jersey $1,379m.

Ducks GM Bob Murray has opined that ideally a team should have $1.5m in available cap space to accommodate player movement between the NHL and AHL. Murray’s comment was made when the cap was much higher than it is today. His opinion may not have changed because the league calculates and enforces the cap on per game basis.

Washington Capitals GM George McPhee says trade talk has picked up this week.

Via Katie Carrera, Washington Post:

“I had a couple calls [Tuesday] already and we’re just starting to pick up to see what teams are looking to do,” McPhee said. “We’ll see what happens over the next few days.”

McPhee also noted teams have a lot of options, other than trade, to get cap compliant or cap comfortable to accommodate player movement. For example Philadelphia can designate Chris Pronger LTIR and become cap compliant immediately. Boston could do the same with Marc Savard.

With increasing trade chatter among the GM’s the potential for trades also increases.

Our Ducks are a tad crowded at forward and a tad thin on the blue line. We’re one player over the roster limit of 23 and have a CapGeek estimate of $2.9m in available cap space. Structurally, Ducks are well positioned to make a move though I expect Murph will be patient through the 20 games into the season.

Leafs and Flyers are reportedly looking to move Dmen. We could do the Kings a good turn by taking Jake Muzzin off their payroll.

Ducks do run a tight ship leak wise but with so many cap stressed teams one has to assume Bob Murray is taking and making calls.



This blog has taken issue with the quality of officiating in the NHL during the season and in the playoffs. The officiating has been described here as biased and one-sided. We pointed to the official league policy of “opening the game up” as evidence of an institutionalized bias to promote the skill teams at the expense of the more physical teams. Additionally, we included descriptions of specific referee instructions given to teams prior to playoff games.

This blog has always stopped short of accusing the NHL or anyone involved of being part of a criminal conspiracy.

In an interview with a Russian newspaper, Washington Capitals captain Alexander Ovechkin took it up another notch.

“I am not saying there was a phone call from (the league), but someone just wanted Game 7,” he told the paper.

“For the ratings. You know, the lockout, escrow, the league needs to make profit. I don’t know whether the refs were predisposed against us or the league. But to not give obvious penalties (against the Capitals), while for us any little thing was immediately penalized.”

The Caps had 16 power plays compared to the Rangers 28 during the seven game series.

Ovechkin will probably receive a hefty fine for the implied accusation.

This blog hopes the NHL takes Ovie’s complaint seriously and works to improve  on ice officiating.

Note: Ovechkin’s quotes were copied and pasted from this story published by

One way to look at this is the whole league is returning from injury that kept them out for 34 games. Here are a few things you can expect to see in camp and in the early going:

1. Guys who played in Europe and the ‘A’ will be noticeably ahead of players who hung out at scrimmages and/or skated on their own.

2. Adjusting to the ice. It’s much harder for goalies because the angles are all different. The primary and secondary high percentage shooting areas cover more space on the larger European ice surface. For skaters, it’s mostly adapting to the feeling of being hurried on the smaller NA ice.

3. Teams with little roster turnover will have a jump over teams breaking in new players at key positions. Count our Ducks among the latter.

4. Expect 35 or fewer players invited to camp. Maybe fewer than 30 for teams without many roster questions. You will also see a more tryout contracts offered  to the many UFA’s available by teams with unanswered roster questions.

5. Sloppy play! When you come back after a long layoff the hardest thing to get back is your timing and coordination. Give it 5 weeks and a dozen or so in season games before becoming overly judgmental.

Overall, this is quite different from the start of season where everyone is starting even. You’ve got guys coming in from the ‘A’ and Europe who are in game shape playing with and against guys trying to find their legs. Goalies adjusting to angles.

And maybe most of all will be the Refs. Let’s hope there’s an improvement on the uneven and unpredictability of the officiating. Consistency in penalty calling will do more than anything else in returning the game to the players and fans.


For the millionth gazillionth time Teemu Selanne said, “I’m trying to avoid that question” when asked if he would waive his NMC to be united in Detroit with fellow Finlander Valtteri Filppula.
Flash seems focused on the this road trip telling reporters, “This road trip is going to pretty much decide which direction we’re going to go and everybody’s looking ahead and up.” Not quite your standard unequivocal denial. Selanne also knows part of his job is to feed the media beast adding, “Hopefully we can do it and let’s see what happens after that.”
You have the pertinent part. Find more here.

Eklund is reporting that the NYR are interested in Lubomir Visnovsky. He could have added the Chicago Blackhawks, Washington Capitals and Boston Bruins to the that list as well.

Frankly, I believe Teemu Selanne when he says “This road trip is going to pretty much decide which direction we’re going to go…” Figure Bargain Bob is in listening mode with one eye out for an opportunity to snag a Bryan Allen type D-man.

First of all, all due props to yougetwhatyouputin for calling it on this blog the other day. I didn’t see it happening this fast because most coaches need to decompress after a dismissal. Not Gabby Boudreau though. He really is a rink rat. Less than 72 hours after being fired by the Washington Capitals Bruce Boudreau found a new team.
The new Ducks head coach is more famous for his F-bombs than his effen NHL career.  For those who have a life outside of hockey and missed the HBO special 24/7 Caps & Pens, you can see what everybody is talking about here. Gabby let fly 15 F-bombs during a between periods rant that lasted all of 1:21. Impressive but not a record either.
Despite the rant Coach Boudreau’s persona is that of the Happy Warrior. Unlike the guy he’s replacing, Gabby is known for his upbeat demeanor. This change in terms of style is like ejecting a Muddy Waters cd and inserting Springsteen at his power pop best. Also unlike his predecessor Coach Boudreau is no X&O guy. Boudreau’s Ducks won’t be doing things differently. He won’t think the game for his players. (more…)

‘Been awhile since we fished out biscuits in the back of the (inter) net. You don’t have to far to find some good stuff out there.

Third lines have been a regular hot topic around our Ducks water cooler. THN’s Rory Boylen takes a look at how the Vancouver Canucks upgraded their 3rd line over the summer.

Fantasy players may get some tips from’s Scott Cullen. This week Cullen looks at the league’s top scorers and a couple possibles for fantasy GM’s looking for a boost. (more…)